A Super late

welcome email

This is the first email I've sent in a very long time. In case you forgot how I got your email, you likely subscribed to my list through my website, my Instagram, or one of my many, many failed-to-launch side projects like Deximal, Swish, or TinyMail. I'm likely missing a few.


I'm aiming to send one email per month going forward, with a few links, updates, and a 'project of the month'. If you aren't interested in getting these, you can unsubscribe below. If you're still here, here's what's up:

Project of the Month

Introducing Super —a simple way to add custom domains, fonts, and analytics to your Notion docs.

LINK of the month

Imagine email marketing software that's actually simple & well-designed. That's Flodesk. It's how I made this email.

Reflection of the month

Mediocrity is the path of least resistance, also making it the most competitive.

Coming next month

A huge update to Vera , along with a written collection of 100 simple truths (sort of like the above reflection, which is #56).

I plan on adding a whole lot of value to these emails, so if you do stick around, you might find some projects & ideas that you'll enjoy. If there's anything you want to see here, or simply want to say hello, just hit reply.


Made with love in Flodesk.