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Book Launch | Ace Brooklyn & Ace Los Angeles

In Brooklyn, it's an evening of fine food and conversation with the inimitable pastry chef and writer Klancy Miller and guests Shanika Hillocks, Kelly Mitchell and Kia Damon — contributors to For the Culture, Klancy's anthology of the Black women and femmes shaping the culinary landscape. Then, Klancy will be back for seconds in downtown Los Angeles alongside "High on the Hog" producers Fabienne Toback and Karis Jagger.


Good Things in Threes


Sydney Design Week returns, this year with an emphasis on the connection between humans and the natural world in modern design. We’re celebrating with bee-themed Supper Sessions and an Amodern Design Talk Series between Powerhouse curator Gillian Kayrooz & Newromantic’s Valentina Zarew, plus a Material Market at Good Chemistry.


Club House Global, founded by party veterans and community organizers Jasmine Solano, Patrick Struys and Anjali Ramasunder, hitches their full function to the low desert for a Labor Day Takeover in Palm Springs, September 2–4. Find us poolside and in the Amigo Room.


This month’s film screening series in Toronto, curated by Images Festival, champions the work of Artist-in-Residence Alize Zorlutuna. This Shorts in Conversation brings films, performances and conversations about the relationship between people, the land and more-than-human beings — all through the lens of historical context and ancestral wisdom.



September 28–October 8


NOLAxNOLA is a coalition of New Orleans artists, venues and cultural leaders that have banded together in the name of vibrant cross-pollination, curiosity and mutual support. It’s two weekends of New Orleans’ finest at music halls and storied clubs all over town, including our own whiskey stop Three Keys.


Kinstler Puzzle Club

September 13


An evening of casual(ish) puzzling in Midtown Manhattan, hosted in collaboration with Kinstler Puzzles. Drinks in hand, we'll be piecing together the art of emerging and established contemporary artists.