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A curated collection of Curation emails for inspiration and references. Each review includes a full preview of the email design along with other noteworthy features. Use the Inspiration top navigation to browse other categories.

A curated newsletter featuring 11 interesting things handpicked from the vast universe of information. Each article, research note, book or video is handpicked and evaluated for factual accuracy.
An occasional newsletter mostly about design, architecture, art, illustration, inspiration, illumination, and much more.
A weekly newsletter of emerging tools, actionable reads and growth nuggets for your next side-hustle.
A curation of brandable domain names (each including a logo) newly listed on the Indiebrands website.
Highly-curated, weekly home office inspiration from makers across the globe. Membership is $5/month or only $35/year.
A monthly, semi-comprehensive, Google Doc-based guide to sending better emails. Every month readers get advice, strategies, and tips to send better newsletters. Join them and start building a better email strategy today.
Every two months 7 of the world’s best illustrators and designers publish 3 of their works for your screen wallpaper.
Weekly newsletter from developer Shawn Wang sharing his recently blogs and favorite dev-related finds.
Every month Jeff from Ugmonk sends out a list of 5 things that inspire him. Design, music, food, architecture, products and more.
Top 3 React resources of the week in your inbox.
A curated newsletter with interesting reads, tools & learning resources sent out weekly to make you smarter. For curious, intelligent people who want to sharpen their minds.
Sublimio is a branding and strategy boutique agency. They find design inspiration everywhere and would like to share it with you.
A half-monthly newsletter with curated stories on design and technology, resources to build digital products & side projects, design inspiration and more.
Every weekday, the 5 best design links curated by a selection of great editors
Every week Pablo Stanley sends an email sharing a list of design-related gems. It includes inspiring work, cool typefaces, people to follow, news to read, tools to try, jobs, and other delicious spam.
A weekly, ad-free newsletter that helps designers think more critically about their work.
We send weekly emails with the most creative talks, links, and jobs from the CreativeMornings' universe. Enjoy!
Densely curated weekly email with fresh discoveries at the intersection of technology, design, ethics and sustainability. Free of buzzwords, hype and FOMO.
Resources for designers including educational content, guides, and deals.
Email Design Inspiration & Newsletter Discovery. Sends every few weeks.
Quality design and development resources curated by Rob Hope. Sends every few weeks.