From her original blue watercolor series, Helen Dealtry's Blue Florals Set is the perfect accent to add some color to up-cycled ceramics. Hue got this! 
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Step 1
Gather your supplies! For this you'll need the following:
  • Clean Ceramics (we used  CB2
  • Helen Dealtry's  Blue Florals Set
  • Tattly Sponge (included)
  • Water
Step 2
Trim the Tattly close to the design. This will make it easier to place the florals exactly where you want them, and helps the design better adhere to rounded surfaces.
Step 3
Place your Tattly face down. Press down firmly and gently with your damp sponge. Make sure the paper is completely soaked through before removing.
Step 4
Check a corner before you peel off the paper backing!

Et voila! Instant color and texture to shake up your décor. Share your work with us at #TattlyDIYand @Tattly

Waving from Brooklyn,

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