Brand Identity & Logo Design Workshop

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If you want to become a better brand designer, this workshop is for you.

Branding is both an art and a delicate business.

This is your opportunity to learn from two of the most succesful brand designers in the Dribbble community, Jen and Amy Hood, aka Hoodzpah.

Jen and Amy will impart their expert knowledge to you of their design process, creative thinking, and best practices so that you can apply them to your own work!

You’ll learn…
  • The importance of memorable branding & how to create successful identities
  • How to establish a common goal and vision for effective branding
  • The process of running a brand identity project & tips for client buy-in
  • Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and communicate your ideas clearly
  • Then you can ask any and all the questions you have directly to Jen and Amy.
Get a career crash course in just 6 hours!

As a bonus, the workshop will be recorded and distributed to ticket holders so you can reference it for future use!

The spots are limited so all participants get the attention they deserve!

Use code HOODZ199 to get early bird pricing through this Sunday, September 17th, so reserve your seat now!
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