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Webflow Inspo

Publishing workflows, illustration resources, and design sprints

Webflow Conf kicks off in 43 days! If you haven’t already, register todayfor the livestream kickoff event on October 5 — it’s 100% free!

Top of mind

The full Webflow Conf 2023 full agenda is now live!

Webflow Conf is rapidly approaching, and we’re so excited to share everything we have planned. Here’s some things you won’t want to miss.

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Webflow Conf: The agenda is live

Best practice publishing workflows — now in Webflow —

To protect your site from unintended changes going live, we’re introducing a new publishing workflow for Enterprise customers that gives you both a prepublish summary of all proposed changes and the ability to publish your site directly from staging to production.

What’s in a line: Exploring design's most underestimated element and its role in branding —

It’s easy to be fascinated by colors and textures, but what about the humble line? Straight or curved, thick or thin — lines are everywhere, shaping the framework of our physical world.

Cool things

Navigating the intersection of design and business: A conversation with Airbnb’s Brian Chesky

An edited transcript from his talk at Config 2023, Brian talks about design’s catalytic potential for business and the central role it played in Airbnb’s post-IPO growth story.

Make Something Wonderful

An in-depth look at the physical copy, “an unparalleled window into how one of the world’s most creative entrepreneurs (Steve Jobs) approached his life and work.”

UI2: Figma's Design System

Figma's internal design system, now including components with variants, variables, auto layout, and FigJam.

Growww Kit

A library of unique, high-quality editable illustrations that will help give context to your content.


Integrate external content into your site with a dynamic overlay.

To sprint or not to sprint

Smith & Dictionoutlines their thoughts on the controversial branding offering.

Made in Webflow

Ritesh Gupta, Useful School — Made in Webflow

When designing the website for Useful School — the world’s first online, pay-what-you-can design school for people of color — Ritesh Gupta utilized a template by one of his favorite designers. But, he wanted to take advantage of the creative freedom Webflow supports by adding custom interactions.

Learn how Riteshused movement, scale, and opacity to create a playful bounce and add extra oomph to Useful School’s Nav Bar.

Explore the benefits of Webflow for Freelancers and Agencies →

Cool builds #MadeinWebflow

Homepage: IEX Group, Inc

IEX Group, Inc

Building technology that removes barriers, unlocks scale, and moves industries forward.

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Homepage: Modyfi


AI-native design, powerful creative tools, and real-time collaboration — all in your browser.

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Homepage: Artifact


A digital product agency creating Webflow websites and scalable no-code solutions.

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Homepage: Good Behaviour

Good Behaviour

A creative practice, based in Byron Bay, creating work that is purposeful, rhythmic and profound.

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Webflow Library: INTOUCH STUDIO™

Freelance Things

From Bryn Taylor, a directory of things for freelancers sent to your inbox weekly.

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Webflow Template: Google Schema Rich Snippets Webflow Utility

Adaptiv – Agency Website Template

An immersive showcase of your agency's prowess in crafting unforgettable brand stories for your clientele.

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Watch, listen, attend

WATCH — Ritesh Gupta, Useful School — Made in Webflow ( Webflow)

WATCHIntroducing V Flex & H Flex in Webflow — Micro lesson #42( Webflow)

LISTENOverflow with Isabel Edwards( Webflow)

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