The Digest Editorial - Edition 75.
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August is usually the time we start to think about those post-summer plans (*groan*). Luckily, Huel is here to help you get back into your best routine.

First up, we focus on one of the most important aspects of human health – sleep – and how to design a daily routine built for optimal ZZZs. Then we move on to breakfast and how to make the perfect smoothie bowl. Finally, we take a nutritional look at one of the most common conditions: IBS.
Want to unlock your best rest yet? From morning rituals to daytime habits and evening prep, our science-backed sleep schedule has you covered.
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Smoothie Bowls
Arguably the perfect protein-packed breakfast choice in summer, here’s everything you need to know for perfecting your smoothie bowl recipes.
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How to build a better sleep routine
Estimated to affect up to 15% of the population, we look at what causes IBS, how to manage it, and how our low FODMAP Huel Powder can help.
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