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What is Huel?
Hi, I'm Julian, founder of Huel 
In choosing us you’re joining millions of Hueligans across 100 countries, all making a positive change to their lifestyle and the planet.

I have Huel for breakfast and lunch during the week, balanced with traditional food at other times. This keeps my nutrition in check, saves me money, and frees up more time in my day.

Together we are making an impact on ourselves and the planet.

Julian, Founder
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Huel as a meal provides the right amount of protein, essential fats, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins & minerals.
Build your own Bundle.
Build Your Own Bundle
We’ll include everything you need for your first meal – from a free shaker and scoop (or a pot if you order our Hot & Savory) to an explainer booklet, and even a free t-shirt.
Build your own Bundle
Huel and your day.
Huel is designed to fit around your day.
Huel is here for you – whatever your schedule looks like.
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Eating before bed will make you fat.
Nutrition Myths With James Collier
If you’re looking to level up your nutrition game, busting some false ideas you might have picked up is a good start.

Here’s Huel co-founder, James Collier, then to do exactly that.
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Huel Powder v3.0.
Huel Powder v3.0
Black Edition.
Black Edition
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