Throw in your weekly shopping, skiing gear, multiple six packs of beer, whatever you need to carry - keep it fully open or close it. This is one for all and everything. Closes with leather covered magnets and covered in our extremely unusual custom developed melange grey wool felt, with the most interesting flecks in black and white. 

Here's our current offerings for the new iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Our Fuzzy Phone Cover and Rich Leather Phone Cover will follow within the next few weeks for all 3 new versions.

HARDGRAFT was established in 2007. We are absolutely independent and work with a handful of passionate Italian family businesses that align with our vision and help bring our ideas to life. We are efficient & sustainable.

If you think we design morning, noon and night, call melange grey clothes our daily uniform, pouch and pack everything in leather, wear wool slippers at home and live and work in a concrete & wood house decorated with an almost unhealthy amount of melange grey upholstery - then you are absolutely right.

Hold on to the good,
monie.ka & James

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