Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Earlier this year Ueno created a new brand and a new app for Dorsia, a new kind of travel app for a new kind of traveler.  

Please don't tell anyone.

The Department of Nuenos is simply delighted to introduce our newest crewmember, Adrien Laurent, pictured here below venting his frustrations.

As you can tell from his gallic posture, Adrien comes to us from France, but that's all we're at liberty to say. If you want to know more you should look at his portfolio or follow him on Instagram and  Twitter.

Want to work with Adrien and the rest of us? We have lots and lots of positions open, including for designers, developers, producers.



“The right to be creative isn’t reserved to the design team. If you acknowledge that a great idea can come from anyone, then great ideas will start coming from everyone.”

First, Liz Donovan was our client, then she became our first Director of Marketing. And now she's leaving, which makes us all very sad. But to make up for it, Liz wrote about seven lessons that she learned along the way.

From the archives, a question from Bayron van den Boomen in Veldhoven, the Netherlands:

“Dear Ueno, I’m a 19 year old digital design student who’s currently in the research phase of his first online portfolio. I thought it would be a good idea to contact some of the best creative agencies and ask for some advice on the dos and don’ts of an online portfolio. I would greatly appreciate if you could maybe give me some tips on this matter. Thanks in advance.”

Jenny Johannessen

Designer, formerly at Ueno SF

When it comes to portfolios (and design in general), there’s no black and white. But hold on to your butt, because I’m about to guide you through the world of online design portfolios.

Chatty Hour with Alejandro Masferrer

Ueno NYC, July 17

Marco at OFFF

Tel Aviv, September 21

As a condition for making this playlist, Gene made us promise to link to his Instagram. So.