Footers are here!
Our long awaited footer feature is ready and available for you in your Super dashboard. 
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 Just go to Theme > Custom Footer to add and style your own site-wide page footer. Add links, logos and text, and set the color and layout to match your branding.
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New Notion Databases
Notion keeps getting better and better, and the new Notion databases are no exception. New views and grouping options mean there are more and more combinations of data for you to use in your Super sites. It’s never been easier to combine data views in one database view and create a more useful site for your users.
But more database views mean more combinations for Super to support. We’re not merely wrapping a slow Notion page in custom code at Super — we are building a high-performance static version of your Notion page so it is super fast, which means we needed to add support for building these new views into Super.
We launched support for the new database views last week, so you should see support for more database views on your site now. There is more to come, so please let us know if you discover a new combination that we have yet to implement, and we’ll add support for it.
Speak with us when you need it
Feeling stuck? Reach out to our support team for some help! Use the chat bubble in the Super dashboard, or email us at
Now, create something super! 

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