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TBH, I’m unsure about the whole online transparency thing. Some founders are itching to boast about them big dollarzzz... 😴 Personally, I’d want to know what’s working and what’s not but it’s still early days. To start here are the setup and monthly running costs that might be of value if you’re considering building a similar site.

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Project Scope:

Before breaking down the costs it will be good to understand the skeleton of the whole project.

Location Description Email Love home page Email Design Inspiration Curated Email Newsletters Free HTML Email Templates Email-related articles and round-ups

Running Costs:

Approximate figures based on recent invoices.

Cost/mo Item Provider Notes
$35 WordPress Hosting Flywheel Shared with One Page Love and my personal website on the $100/month package
$20 Email Marketing Constant Contact Newsletter every two weeks
$15 Image CDN IMGIX This is for archive & review screenshots + social share images
$10 Image Hosting Amazon S3 The images loaded within the coded Emails on reviews
$5 Image Compression TinyPNG Before Emails head to Amazon S3, they get resized and compressed to optimize load times
$4 WordPress Form Plugin Gravity Forms All submission forms. Shared with One Page Love on the $99/year legacy developer package
$5 Email G Suite One primary acc for rob@ then have aliases for newsletters@ + more
$1 Domain & DNS Hover Amount averaged from $12/year

Start-up Costs

Broken even? Ha, not yet:)

Cost Item Source
$1500 domain via Afternic (watch)
$678 Outsourcing on email code cleaning script via Upwork
$250 Branding clean up by my friend Jason
$38 WordPress search plugin AJAX Search Pro
β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈ A million coffees owed for CSS wizardry to my friend Manu

Website Activity

Total accumulative content published (updated real time)

Inspiration Discovery Templates Articles
38 34 2 1

Monthly website traffic

Month Users Visited Page Views
July 2019 125 195


Launches and noteworthy features

Date Milestone Link
01.08.2019 Email Love v0.9 Soft launch with 36 emails Blog
07.11.2018 Google Apps signup and mass subscribing to newsletters  
31.10.2018 domain acquired Video

Building Email Love series

Behind-the-scenes vids. Please let me know what else you want to see?

Date Topic
28.01.2019 How I negotiated the Email Love domain
22.11.2018 The Game Plan (Email Love Roadmap)
15.11.2018 Why I green-lit the Email Love project
07.11.2018 Announcing Email Love

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