Look back at your year with Upwork.
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Thank you for being part of the new way of working. Let’s look back at your year in freelance.
You could spend it all on ice cream.
remote projects
All from the comfort of your home office, car, couch, coffee shop.
Versatility is key.
years on Upwork
Thank you for your talent.
Your 2024 Uplook
Looking extremely balanced.
A little fine print:

The following email was created using data collected only up until December 11, 2023. So when we say “year in review” this does not actually reflect Upwork’s entire year. It would be weird if we said “almost the whole year in review for Upwork”. That would leave you with feelings of incompleteness and anxiety. Not cool. We want you to feel overjoyed and chipper and relish in being part of our amazing Upwork community.
The future of freelance is here.
The Upwork Research Institute brings you the latest trend report on independent working professionals in the US.
Full report here
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