Product Updates
Variable fonts & new specimens
Readymag now supports variable fonts—if a font is variable, instead of a limited number of style selections (Regular/Bold/Italic…), a sliding toggle will emerge. We have also added several new fonts from independent distributor Parmigiano Text Pro, Proto Grotesk, Sauber Script and Spektra.
Guides instead of
a dotted frame
From now on, there will be no dotted frame in the Editor—instead, Guides are now activated by default. Press H to hide or reactivate. You can also change the width of Guides area in your editor window from 1024px up. 
Captcha-protected Forms
Your forms can now be protected with Google-powered captcha. To activate, use the toggle in the Form widget settings. When enabled, captcha is automatic: if no possible threats are detected, it won’t be displayed.