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New to Zoom: AI Companion

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Meet Zoom AI Companion, your new AI assistant that helps revolutionize the way you work and communicate. With AI Companion, you can get help drafting email and chat messages, summarizing meetings and chat threads, brainstorming creatively and much more - all in the simple, easy-to-use Zoom experience you know and love.

Upgrade to Zoom One Pro to get access to AI Companion. Once you are a paid Zoom customer, you’ll get access to AI Companion at no additional cost.*

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Boost how you collaborate, connect, and create


Get meetings summarized

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Generate a summary and next steps of what was discussed in your meetings and share via email and Team Chat.


Intelligently process recordings

UI shot of the conversation analytics possible with Zoom's AI

Consume recordings faster through highlights, smart chapters, summaries, and next steps; enhanced with conversation analytics, topic tracking indicators, and playlists.

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*Zoom AI Companion is included at no additional cost with the paid services in Zoom user accounts. Select verticals and geos may be excluded.


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