Email Design Inspiration

A curated collection of beautiful emails for inspiration and references. Each review includes a full preview of the email design along with other noteworthy features. Use the Inspiration top navigation to browse other categories.

Stylish product announcement email by Klim Type Foundry dropping their Baroque-inspired serif typeface, Epicene. The perfect balance of copywriting, good imagery and mystery - luring us to click for more.
Clean design and good reference to a strong collab product drop by Moment (featuring Sara Dietschy).
Interesting use of 4 different button styles (all look great) in this face mask drop email by Atoms.
F1 continue to raise the email bar with their blend of clever copywriting and animated GIFs.
Lovely shine effect animated GIF kicking off the latest Tattly email promoting their Metallic collection.
Good whitespace including coded big type kicking off this post-launch debrief email from Lemon Squeezy (who now manage the commerce for our Discovery submissions). Final shout to the floating device over the colorful dots, a beautiful aesthetic.
It's always a winner adding handwriting alongside great product imagery, in this Back-To-School stationary email from Rifle Paper co.
Simple but effective checklist animation in this email promoting the Supergoop! SPF pump product.
What a fun super-long-scrolling email concept by Zesti to sauce a horrog.
Captivating typewriter effect intro copy in this email by On promoting their innovative shoe subscription offering.
Wonderful aerial view product photography (as usual) in this early festive fabric promotional email by Rifle Paper Co.
Good whitespace around the product imagery in this email by Hardgraft announcing their new Dirty S3 Sneakers. Note the 2-3 2-3 2-3 (HTML table) arrangement of similar products further down. And last shout to the lovely touch "pinning" their product label within the email.
Colorful email with fittingly rounded CTA buttons promoting the new Pangram Sans Rounded typeface by Pangram Pangram. Also neat touch with the balloon number in the hero image celebrating their 29th font release.
Strong intro device image angled side-on (against beautiful type) to emphasis the thinness of the product.
What a brilliant header graphic capturing the tension during a race while integrating the common fan reaction. The email also features beautifully presented poll results that is interactive and dynamically serving the results!
Impressive big intro GIF animation kicking off this product drop email by Italic. It's worth noting the depth created using a background color blur, then the model between 2 layers of text.
Strong intro image featuring a big play button surrounded by happy customer avatars, announcing Zencastr's new video integration.
Comprehensive annual report email by Vimeo recapping 20 community highlights from 2020. It's busy for sure but it's well curated, brilliantly coded and even throws in a touch of personalization in the footer.
Big fan of this minimal layout from Readymag with preview image, large type (coded) and 100% width CTA linking to the news/feature items.
What an unusual email design with a default cursive typeface, scattered handwriting and an embedded video.
Hot Damn! In a world of newsletters with JPG paragraphs, Vimeo go code a responsive pricing table.
Lovely thought-out color scheme, especially during a time where webinars are so big and every webinar email looks the same. Watch the gang at Really Good Emails and I dissect this email on YouTube.